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What is avemar?

Avemar is an all-natural, dietary supplement for cancer patients. Avemar contains fermented wheat germ extract, and available in granulate and tablet form. 

What is the difference between Avemar Granulate and Tablet?

For diabetics, patients with fructose intolerance and for those who have difficulties consuming Avemar granulate, we recommend the tablet form.

  Granulate Tablet
Form: water soluble granulate film-coated tablet
Active ingredient: Avemar pulvis  Avemar pulvis
Daily dosage / bodyweight:   1 sachet / under 90kg 2×4 tablets / under 50kg
  2×5 tablets / 50-90kg
2 sachets /over 90kg 2×7 tablets/ over 90kg
Storage: below 15oC below 22oC
Diabetics: contains sugar sugar-free
Packaging unit: 1 box=30 sachets 1 box=2×150 tablets
Sufficient for: 1 month* 1 month*

*Based on average body weight

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