A natural supplement to oncological treatments

Scientific studies have proven that Avemar, when taken in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments (radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy) can improve the efficacy of these treaments. Routine intake of Avemar has been shown to have long-lasting positive impacts on quality of life for oncological patients. Therefore taking Avemar daily is recommended from the first diagnosis and throughout the treatments.


Avemar is made from the extract of GMO free wheat germ through a patented biotechnological process. While the structure of the natural plant is uniquely altered, no chemicals are used during the production.


Avemar is manufactured in a pharmaceutical plant to the highest standards of the industry. The product is non toxic. It is always recommended to discuss the use of any supplements with your doctor.

Well researched

Inventor Máté Hidvégi Phd was awarded the Gold Medal by the President of Hungary for his exceptional and internationally acclaimed work in cancer research. Avemar has been the subject of over 100 pre-clinical studies worldwide.

Available worldwide

A product of Hungary, Avemar has been available worldwide for over 20 years.

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