Avemar Drink Powder


One box of Avemar Granulate contains 30 sachets which is sufficient for a month, based on average bodyweight.

Net weight: 510g (30 sachets x 17g)

Quantity Price/box
1-2 79.00
3 77.00
4-5 76.00
6+ 75.00
28 520 Ft *

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Product details

Avemar is a dietary supplement for cancer patients and it contains Avemar pulvis, the world-wide known fermented wheat germ extract.

Use: One box of Avemar granulate contains 30 sachets (each sachet containing 17g of granulate). To consume, mix Avemar with 100-200ml of liquid and stir until the granulate has dissolved. Avemar is flavoured with natural orange flavor and fructose.

Recommended Dosage: For adults with body weight of 90 kgs or less, one sachet is recommended per day. For adults with a body weight greater than 90 kgs, 2 sachets per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Shaker recipes: With the help of our patients and the professional expertise of our dietitian we have collected various ideas providing you thoughtful and delicious shaker recipes for Avemar. Click here for the recipes!

Storage Requirements: The Avemar granulate must be stored in conditions between 5-15 ˚C degrees. A refrigerated environment is a suggested option.

For those who have difficulties consuming Avemar granulate, we would recommend the tablet form. It is easier to transport and store. And for those who would like to have both products at home and decide which product form fits more into their daily routine, we reccommend our Start Pack.

Main ingredients:
dried fermented wheat germ extract (as the active compound), fructose, natural orange flavour.

If you need more information about Avemar Granulate or you need help to decide if Avemar is recommended in your case, please contact us.

User information

1. What is Avemar?
Avemar is a dietary food for special medical purposes for cancer patients.

2. What is the active ingredient of Avemar?
One sachet (17 g) of Avemar contains 8.5 g Avemar pulvis (powder). Avemar pulvis is a special, patented extract produced by pharmaceutical technology. Wheat germ is only the basic raw material of Avemar pulvis.

3. What else does Avemar contain?
Flavourings: fructose, natural orange flavour, salt. Other ingredients: maltodextrine, colloide silicone-dioxide.

4. In which cases is it recommended to take Avemar?
Avemar is indicated for supplementing the clinical oncological treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.) of cancer patients. Avemar is indicated to be taken without interruption before, during the full course and after the completion of oncological treatments. Avemar is recommended at any stage of malignant disease. After surgery, Avemar should be initiated when the patient is able to take oral food without complications for at least 4 days.

5. When should Avemar treatment start?
It is recommended to start taking Avemar right after the recognition of malignant disease (diagnoses). There is no need to wait for the start of the oncological treatment.

6. What should be known before taking Avemar?
The product is not suitable for use as the sole source of nourishment. Avemar does not replace or substitute any oncological treatment and drug!

7. How Avemar should be taken?
Avemar is indicated to be taken continuously, without interruption. Following the completion of oncological treatments it is indicated to continue taking Avemar – for several years – until complete recovery. If the continuous taking of Avemar is interrupted or suspended for any reason, there is no risk to restart taking it again.

8. When Avemar must not be taken?
Avemar is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Avemar is also strictly contraindicated for patients undergoing organ or tissue transplantation. The dietary food should not be consumed by patients suffering from bleeding erosions and/or ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and duodenal ulcers), enteritis/colitis (severe inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract) or malabsorption syndrome (serious impairment of absorption). The product is contraindicated in gluten sensitive enteropathies (celiac sprue). The product is also contraindicated for patients with inherited fructose intolerance or with hypersensitivity to any of the components and ingredients of the product.

9. Can diabetics take Avemar?
Yes, diabetics can consume Avemar as well, taking into account the carbohydrate content of the product.

10. In which cases should the Avemar treatment be temporarily suspended?
It is advised to suspend Avemar treatment at least two days before the planned gastroenteral diagnostic procedure in which contrast material (such as barium sulfate) is used. The Avemar treatment may be continued the day following the procedure. In every case the instructions of the doctor should be respected. In case of examinations, procedures to be carried out on an empty stomach, treatment of Avemar should be done accordingly.

11. Can children take Avemar?
Avemar is not recommended for children younger than 14 years.

12. What unwanted effects may Avemar have?
Avemar may very infrequently have side effects, such as soft stool, unsettled stomach and nausea.

13. Can Avemar be taken together with other drugs, preparations?
If the patient takes vitamin C, Avemar should be consumed 2 hours before or after taking of any preparation containing vitamin C. It is expedient to take Avemar at different time from other supplements or drugs.

14. How should Avemar be prepared?
Pour contents of one Avemar sachet (17 g) into a glass. Add 100-200 ml water (bubble free mineral water) at will, mix thoroughly and drink the entire solution. It should be consumed within 30 minutes of preparation. The unused solution should be discarded. Avemar can be prepared by using any soft drink, tea, kefir, yoghurt, cocoa or milk. Experience has shown that by using cool or cold liquid the solution is more pleasant to consume. It is important to note, that the liquid to be used for preparation of Avemar should not be warm or hot! Using any liquid containing vitamin C (ascorbic acid or food additive E 300) is not recommended for the preparation. After preparing Avemar as described above, the solution can be applied by using medical pipe (in this case preferably dissolving Avemar in only a small volume of water).

15. What is the recommended daily dose and when should it be taken?
For adults with body weight of less than 90 kg one dose is recommended per day that shall be prepared according to the instructions as described above. Avemar should be consumed approximately 1 hour before meal. Adults with body weight of 90 kg or above should consume 2 single (17 g) dosages per day (one in the morning and one in the evening).

16. How Avemar should be stored and transported?
Store in a cool, dry place, protected from heat. It is recommended to store the product below 15oC, preferably in refrigerator. Deep-freeze is not required. Keep out of reach of children. Special caution should be taken to protect the product from any extreme heat effect during transportation.

17. What kind of scientific studies have been carried out with Avemar?
Please, visit the website www.avemar.com, where you find a summary of all the prestigious Hungarian and international publications, that cover the results and experiences of the clinical studies carried out with Avemar.

Packaging unit: 30 sachets per box.
Net weight: 510 g (30 sachets x 17 g)

Registration number: 1100/2009 OÉTI

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